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Senior Advisors

Makarim Wibisono Synergy Policies_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. Makarim Wibisono

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Prof. Makarim is an expert and practitioner in international relations. His field of expertise is diplomacy, international political economy, and human rights. He served as Indonesia’s Ambassador in the United Nations, for the WHO and other international organizations in Geneva, and for Guatemala, Nicaragua, Jamaica & Bahama.

Marzuki Darusman Synergy Policies.jpg

Dr. Marzuki Darusman

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Marzuki Darusman is a practitioner of public policy with a degree in law (and an Honorary Doctorate in law) and passion to campaign for human rights and anti-corruption. He served as Indonesia’s Attorney General & Cabinet Secretary during the administration of President Abdurrahman Wahid. He served various positions in the United Nations.


Faisal Basri, MA.

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Faisal has spent most of his career as a lecturer and a researcher the field of Economics and Business since 1981. By 2020, he has produced 384 articles; 39 articles published in various scientific journals, 75 titles of books/ co-authored books and 55 research reports along with hundreds of papers that he has presented domestically and abroad.

Chief Of Executive

Dinna Prapto Raharja Synergy Policies.jpg

Dinna Prapto Raharja, Ph.D.

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Dinna Prapto Raharja, Ph.D, was known as Dinna Wisnu, is a practitioner, advisor & trainer of public policy with specialization in diplomacy, comparative political economy, and social protection. By 2022 she earned 26 years of professional experience in Indonesia, United States, Australia, and a dozen other countries. She is also a productive writer. She obtained MA & Ph.D from the Department of Political Science, The Ohio State University and her undergraduate degree of International Relations from University of Indonesia.


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Dr. Fransiscus S Joyoadisumarta

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Dr. Fransiscus is an expert and trainer on social welfare, industrial relations disputes and labour activisms, which by 2021 have earned 25 years of experience in enforcing civic space for labour in manufacturing, public service, and plantation sectors.

foto pak malik bnw.jpeg

Dr. Abdul Malik Gismar

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Dr. Malik mainly focused in social-political psychology, specifically in how macro cultural factors (such as social institutions, policies, cultural ideation, and tradition) inform and prescribe actions


Dr. Handi Risza

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Dr. Handi Risza Idris is an Indonesian politician, speaker, economist, academic, lecturer and writer. He currently served as Vice Chancellor at Paramadina University.


Dr(Cand). Retna Hanani

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Dr (cand.) Retna Hanani is a researcher on social protection, democratic governance, and public administration. She is currently finishing her Ph.D at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.


Ir. Timboel Siregar, S.H.

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Timboel is a researcher, trainer, and columnist, focusing on social protection and labor rights.


Juria Haruni, B.A. in Journalism

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Juria Haruni is a communication specialist with experience in Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Brand Development, Branding & Identity, Branding, Brand Strategy, and Personal Branding. Brand Management, Brand Marketing, and Integrated Marketing

Support Staff


Rivaldi Zakie Indrayana, S.Hub.Int.

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Rivaldi Zakie Indrayana (Rivaldi/Aldi) is a Bachelor of International Relations from Faculty of Social & Political Science.

foto jenny bnw.jpeg

Novihayani Jeane Natasya, S.Hub.Int.

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Jenny received her Bachelor Degree from Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences, Department of International Relations.

foto joan bnw.jpeg

Joan Anindya Wardhani, S.Hub.Int.

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Joan received her Bachelor Degree from Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences, Department of International Relations.

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