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Governance Consulting for the People Goods

Synergy Policies® (PT Cipta Inpirasi Nusantara) is a consulting firm located in Jakarta, Indonesia, built by experienced professionals and experts in social, political, and economic sciences. We are designed to serve you as partners in developing policies.

Even though Synergy Policies® has been established in July 18th, 2014, but the actual history has started since 2009. Our co-founders have worked on many projects together and delivered satisfactory results for many clients, thus they come together and decided to establish this firm.

In Synergy Policies®, we believe that policies should be profitable both for the policy maker, stakeholders, and society. We saw that sustainable policies require synergy at various levels. We help you to 'connect the dots'. We want to make sure that your policy-related activities have impacts, especially in the areas that we are excellent at, such as;

  • Governance,

  • Healthcare,

  • Diplomacy,

  • Social Protection,

  • Labor & Industrial Relations,

  • Sustainable Development,

  • Palm Oil,

  • Media, and

  • Political communication.

If you wish to create true engagement from your participants or stakeholders, getting useful information for policy development, link with your stakeholders -including the government entities that matters, and work with cross-interest stakeholders and want to ensure that the financial reporting aligns with donor standard yet you feel you are limited by your resources, Synergy Policies® could help you design activities and programs to help your vision.

We believe that in policy making, more factors need to be taken into account to tap the most opportunities with less negative impacts. Because lots of policy makers failed to think through the social mapping, the dispute resolution, the environmental effects, and the reasonable involvement of stakeholders in the relevant field, we could witness how many policies are short-lived, highly criticized or controversial in public.

And because of that, you will need a partner with keen eyes and intuition to walk you through the challenge.

Synergy Policies nurture awareness and strives for the promotion of human rights in our working environment. We ensure equal opportunities between women, men, and promote inclusion for persons with disability. Whenever needed, we’d create social entrepreneurship initiatives to help solve social problems based what we have learned through other programs and activities.


Synergy Policies® is driven by a willingness to value differences and to invent avenues of success based on various levels of cooperation amongst stakeholders.

Because of the diversity in cultural and political background of Indonesia, Synergy Policies® promotes the importance of careful design, thoughtful facilitation and of broadening network in workshop, seminar, discussion, focus group discussion, meeting order for any policies to make significant positive impacts. We design concepts and activities to provide security in an uncertain socioeconomic and socio-political contexts for you to achieve your goal.

We do not take socioeconomic and socio-political contexts for granted; we work based on the careful consideration of trends and tap on the opportunities to make a difference in the future.

We believe that while focusing on the core issue, one should also not lose sight on the side-effects. We use interdisciplinary approach to make sure both you and your stakeholders are in a great term.

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