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This study visit was part of the programme of the German Federal Republic in its cooperation with the Royal Government of Cambodia. Synergy Policies was requested to develop a program that includes a study tour for a Cambodian Delegation of National Assembly Members to Indonesia to build political support across Cambodian political parties and understanding for the endorsement of the draft Health Financing Policy by exposing the Cambodian high-level policy-makers to the Indonesian Universal Health Coverage initiative and history.

Synergy Policies designed an itinerary of activities that would:

  1. Provide well-rounded information on the policy rationale, the process, and the challenges (at the design, implementation, and monitoring levels) of National Health Insurance (NHI) building in Indonesia, including at the legislative level.

  2. Reveal the governance dimensions of NHI in Indonesia.

  3. Reveal the policy options available that was considered by stakeholders in Indonesia.

  4. Connect the delegation with as many key-persons and networks as possible in the area of UHC in Indonesia.

  5. Identify the relevant best-practices for possible adoption in the Cambodian context.

  6. Identify potential collaboration between Cambodia and Indonesia, especially with regard to the decentralisation of authority options in NHI.


The Cambodian delegation was led by Chair of Commission VIII of Cambodia National Assembly, Her Excellency Mrs. Ke Sovannaroth. 


During the visit, the highlight includes the following:

  1. The Cambodian Delegation met with the high-ranking officials from The Indonesia’s BPJS Kesehatan, DJSN (National Social Security Council), the Deputy Speaker of Indonesian Parliament DPR (H.E. Fachri Hamzah) & Chair of Commission IX (HE Dede Yusuf), Vice Chair of Commission IX and Secretary General of the DPR, with the National Planning Ministry (Bappenas), the Coordinating Ministry of Social Welfare.

  2. The Cambodian Delegation met with association of hospitals, association of nurses, association of midwives, of doctors, the watchdog of NHI in Indonesia and other civil society figures who matter in UHC and NHI in Indonesia. A dialog with public health experts was also done to understand the financing aspects of NHI. 

  3. The Cambodian Delegation visited health facilities at primary level and hospital level was done to experience arrangements and quality assurances needed for patients.


Her Excellency Mrs. Ke Sovannaroth and her delegation expressed their excitement and enthusiasm throughout the programs. At the end of the program, they mentioned that to the delegation the highlight of this program was that the political party representatives from Cambodia could sit together, talk closely about NHI in Cambodia, which was not possible before the tour was done. 


Synergy Policies develop briefing materials for the delegation on the history, process, and options of universal health policy in Indonesia, identify relevant key speakers from whom the delegation would find most information from, arrange multi-stakeholder meetings to learn best practices on National Health Insurance services, prepare visits to healthcare facilities, and facilitate reflection moments to grow and build knowledge on practices of National Health Insurance.

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