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Synergy Policies, which is the brand of PT Cipta Inspirasi Nusantara, is a governance & public policy consulting firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2014, Synergy Policies’ co-founders and consultants who are experts in social, political, and economic sciences have worked on many policy-oriented projects for government institutions - both domestically and internationally - from conducting policy-oriented research, trainings for policymakers, and corporations, to event organizing.

Our consultants believe in multi-disciplinary and inclusive approach to public policies. We have specialists in the fields of governance, healthcare, diplomacy, social protection, labour & industrial relations, social impact analysis, sustainable development, community development, also media and political communication.

We help by “connecting the dots”, designing and organizing research, training, or events based on keen sensitivity to the surrounding contexts and processes. We make sure that your policy-related activities have anticipated the possible foreseeable impacts.

Synergy Policies nurture awareness and strives for the promotion of human rights in our working environment. We ensure equal opportunities between women, men, and promote inclusion for persons with disability. Whenever needed, we’d create social entrepreneurship initiatives to help solve social problems based on what we have learned through other programs and activities. An example of this is our program on mainstreaming the rights of persons with disability.


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Synergy Policies designed to be a partner to help you execute your vision with the best results.


Our team consists of Doctors and PhDs that has already contributed to lots of publications, have mastered their scope of study, and are well-known in their field.


Great ideas will not going to generate great impact without great team members behind them. With our team’s proven capability in managing and leading organizations, we will help you build your dream team.


Major happiness for us is to see your ideas being well conveyed to your audience and stakeholders. Our team members are experienced in managing big events with big ideas behind them. Trust Synergy Policies to make your ideas become reality.

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This is why we should not take our attention off the Palestine occupation by Israel, just two days ago a Member of Israel Parliament, Matan Kahana, wished to expel all Palestinians from the occupied West Bank.

Dinna Prapto Raharja, Ph.D on Israel Statement to Expel Palestinians


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