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Synergy Policies help you to set policies by giving you the big picture.

Changing a policy is never a one-night ordeal, especially when the change will affect the interests of many stakeholders and some influential elite. Sensitivity to risks and opportunities become critical in such circumstance. Planning becomes key, as it requires careful mapping of where things are and will be once a move to change has been introduced. 

Synergy Policies is your partner for identifying the risks and opportunities in your ideas of policy change. Our experienced consultants will carefully assess your willingness to bear the consequences of change and your strength. We will then map the context around you that would make a difference in your success or failure in advancing such change. Our advice will be through candid dialogs with you and relevant stakeholders. We may help you plan the subsequent steps to realize the desired change. We are also passionate about engaging more human resources with skills through workshops, seminars, lecture series and trainings.


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For diplomats, mid career, & senior diplomats in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MNEC) Timor Leste.

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‘Governance in Capture Fishery’ with FIHRSST and PMI Impact for Coordinating Ministry for Maritime & Investment Affairs of Indonesia

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of Compatible Villages for Women's Empowerment for 100 Village Program Indonesia - Cambodia

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