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A synergized organization is the core of successful institution

Today poverty reduction is not only the responsibility of the state but private bussiness as well. It is consistent with the fact that industries have globalized and going beyond the boundaries of states. Process production now lies on the global supply chain consisting of thousands of suppliers of large to small companies from North to South. Profits accumulated from this globalized supply chain have increased and so is the demand from civil society to respect human rights and environment. 

Synergy Policies help companies and their suppliers to understand and comply to the national and local standards through advising, training and workshops. Our consultants are experienced in assisting companies on
how to handle disagreements and disputes during compliance process. We believe that ethical business supports sustainable development will meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


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'Human Rights in the Fishery sector' with FIHRSST and PMI Impact.

Synergy policies.png


with with Indonesian Chamber of Commerce: Towards the Index of Ease of Doing Business for Small Medium Enterprises

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