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Ruang Synergy by Synergy Policies

A spirit began in 2014 with collaboration and synergy to create a joint initiative that could have an impact on society. The co-founders and consultants of Synergy Policies, who are experts in the fields of social science, politics, communication, and economics, agreed to collaborate in synergy to build a movement through a common platform. Synergy Policies under PT Cipta Inspirasi Nusantara was born to connect ideas and concepts, design and organize joint activities, and synergize collaborative movements on various strategic issues at the national, regional, and international levels. This is the time for us to reach a wider audience. Through the "Ruang Synergy", Synergy Policies can present various new, more innovative initiatives to reach more people. The presence of the "Ruang Synergy" cannot be separated from the dedication, contribution, and tireless support of partners, associates, networks, and the entire Synergy Policies team. In the future journey, we will continue to continue the spirit of connect, organize, and synergize which is our focus and compass.

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